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Our Organization

Center for Regeneration and Empowerment of Africa Through Africa (CREATA) is a registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) founded in 2006 in Kenya. The word CREATA, is also a Latin word meaning either the verb “to create” or the noun “creation” referring to all created things. Hence the name connotes not only an integral approach to development but also to the integrity of creation, of which human beings are both stewards and dependents. Our work is rooted in this word, as we are dedicated to providing opportunities for children, young people and marginalized communities to be creative, exploring their potential and finding solutions to their problems. CREATA is a sport, peace and development agency which pursues through sports, the mobilization and utilization of community resources for peace and transformational development.

Our Values

  • Love for God and Country
  • Peace and nonviolence
  • Servant Leadership and Stewardship
  • Human dignity and Integrity:
  • Presence and involvement:
  • Sincerity:
  • Volunteerism and community service:
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Promote health and Education

Football for water, Sanitation and Hygiene (F4W)

Economic Empowerment Program

Economic Empowerment


technical and vocational education

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Our Courses

Health and Education

We promote health and academic performance to school going children in Primary schools through our Football for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (F4W) program

Raised:$1000 | Goal:$70000 | Duration:1 Yr

Sports for Peace and Development

Using sports, we advocate for peaceful coexistence among communities in Kenya…..

Raised:$1000 | Goal:$10000 | Duration:1 yr

Economic Empowerment

We initiate business models and social enterprises. We are currently piloting sunflower farming and oil production, computer, and IT training, water businesses in schools to support water, hygiene, and sanitation in primary schools

Raised:$8500 | Goal:$30000 | Duration: 1 Yr

Sports for Peace and Trade

Using sports, we advocate for economic development and business opportunities for youths and women in Migori County. We initiate business models and create platforms for government, private sectors, investors, youth, and women to discuss enabling playing ground. Read More

Raised:$8500 | Goal:$10000 | Duration:8 M

WorldCoaches Program

World Coaches are the change agents in the community. Through football they are training behavior change among the youth and school going children They need to follow up and support in their work

Raised:$1500 | Goal:$20000 | Duration:1 Y

Fund for Education

Through Sports and Elimu Savings program we support children from poor families transit from primary to secondary. We also provide scholarships to needy students 

Raised:$1000 | Goal:$25000 | Duration:2 yr

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Our Hardworking Volunteers

Paul Ogalo

Joined 18th October 2015

Asifiqbor Thakor

Joined 15th August 2018

Fidel Ogoba

Joined 22nd November 2016

Sara Sikuta

Joined 10th January 2017

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To support youth employment through sports and business opportunities

John Smith

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Donated: $600
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